Face & Wrist Scanner

This is a non-contact indoor wrist temperature measurement device with face recognition access control terminal. It is highly accurate detecting a temperature within 0.3℃ at a distance of 1cm-3cm. This supports face recognition and rapid body temperature detection at the same time and will warn people with a abnormal temperature. It can be widely used it offices, warehouse, hotels, hospitals and secure facilities. It can use the face recognition to allow access to certain area by opening doors if their temperature is normal however it can deny access if their temperature is too high.

  • Integrated Mask Detection Technology
  • Non-contact Wrist Temperature Reader
  • Measurement Accuracy 0.3℃
  • Face Capacity – 10,000 faces / 6 photos per person
  • Face recognition Accuracy 99%
  • Exclusive UK Language Pack

Trade Buyer?

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