We are the U.Ks leading trade only CCTV distributor supplying thousands of customers each week across the UK with essential security component’s.

We have been supplying CCTV related fever screening products for many years so you could say we know a thing or two about how they can be used effectively in the fight against epidemics and the current Corona virus.

In direct response to the COVID 19 outbreak we have created a simple portfolio of effective solutions that cut out the middleman and hopefully clarify what can be am otherwise complex arena.

Temperature thermal Screening is not a new thing and has been around for many years, but it’s really come into its own as an effective tool to help slow the spread of such viruses by effectively mass fever screening visitors.

It can’t stop the Corona virus or other viruses spreading but it can help control who comes in to buildings and or organisations. If visitors have a temperature, access can be denied thus helping to protect other visitors, employees, customers and give those who are on site the confidence that effective measures have been taken to restrict the potential spread of any fever.

There are a number of solutions now available in the UK, all work in the same way but all give differing results and accuracy levels. Accuracy is key and unless they have 99.7% or above they are not worth using! Prices fluctuate widely for installed solutions and given the changing market we believe most premises can add a temporary stand-alone solutions to help control visitors in as little as 2 hours from opening the box!

CCTVdirect have a large in-house technical team to support you on the phone or on site should you require it.

Why would you choose CCTVdirect rather than an installer? If you want a quick solution that’s delivered next day and you have basic IT skills or can simply plug the stand-alone units in then you good to go, safely, quickly and no-hassle all backed up by award winning telephone support and comprehensive warranty. We are based in Leeds but operate across the UK and by arrangement we can set up and calibrate the systems for you.

Contact us today to discuss any requirements or ideas you may have, and we will do all we can to offer you simple. honest and accurate advice.